My son is sleeping in my room

So, I had a pretty shitty afternoon and evening (I had an upset stomach and then a migraine). I was in my room all evening basically while my kids did their own thing (my wife is out of town). I was feeling like a pretty poor father until my son knocked on my door an […]

Worked from home

My son was sick this morning so it gave me the excuse to work from home. I really wanted to anyway. I felt like I was running on E. I STILL feel like I am. I didn’t do much work today even though I “worked from home”. I worked on a blast email and did […]

Time Management

If there is one thing I struggle with (there is way more than just one…but lets not get bogged down in details) it is time management. I have A LOT of different facets in my job. In fact, I have so many facets that my boss doesn’t even know how to refer to me in […]

A weird feeling

So, I’ve been having a weird feeling today – I’ve been missing the woman I had an affair with. Or so I thought. Every time a sympathetic feeling about her/that enters my head it is quickly dismissed by how much I was hurt by the whole thing. However, I AM missing something from it – […]

Need strength to go to work

I am so apprehensive about going to work tomorrow. I just want to stay here. I don’t feel good…but it’s mental too. I’m scared to go to work. I’m scared of the energy it will take to get through tomorrow and then Wednesday and then Thursday and then Friday. I’m really scared. I’m about to […]