End Game Breakdown

I’m going to try to keep this spoiler free… I saw Avengers: End Game this morning and I had a massive breakdown after I got home. The firm is just SO MUCH. So many points in the movie that cause feelings…and BIG feelings. I cried in the theater, a bit on the way home, but […]

How can I help my wife?

My wife is going through a lot of problem with her job right now. It is getting so bad that she might quit or could be fired/laid off. I don’t know what to do other than to just be supportive…but then I can’t really share how terrified that makes me. If she loses her job […]

Can’t seem to find things to hold my interest

Or, at least things that hold it for a sustained period of time. It’s really frustrating… Ok, I’ll admit, there ARE some things: – Certain TV shows – Audiobooks – Porn (but even then, it’s different kinds – movies and stories, different types of women) – Some mobile games I really WANT to be into […]

A down day

I stayed home from work in the hopes that I could use the day as a mental rebound day. Nope, I actually feel WORSE mentally than I did this morning. Not sure what to do to pull myself out of it today. I really just want to go to sleep so I can reset and […]

Anxiety Attacks

The last two days I have suffered some pretty bad anxiety attacks. I’m not sure I could tell you what has caused them…I think it was thoughts about work. I’m on vacation right now with my family and I’m trying to just separate myself from the rest of the world to just focus my time […]

Might have to move again :-(

My wife’s company is going through restructuring and there is some concern that she may lose her job (though I don’t think so) or that we may have to move AGAIN (this is more likely). I don’t know if either of these things will happen…I just wish I knew when/if these things may come to […]

Self-conscious about sex

I’m feeling very self-conscious about sex right now. The feeling just kind of came upon me as a wave this afternoon and is very disconcerting. My wife and I had sex this weekend and her remark was that “it was good and satisfying” but it also left her “wanting more, in a way”. While she […]